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IC Contact Post

I am not available to take your call at this, but if you leave a message, I will get back to you as soon as possible.


RL | Backdated to Christmas | Closed

[It had taken some work, but Anew had managed to convince the others at the base to let her go with the next supply shuttle so she could visit Lyle on Earth for Christmas. She had a few days before they would return so she didn't have much time, but she could have at least a day or so to see what Christmas was about. Granted she had had to borrow something that wasn't their uniform so she could go, but it wasn't so bad.

It was a quick trip from the orbital elevator to the station in Ireland. As she steps inside, she looks around to see if she can spot Lyle]
[Anew sits quietly in her room during the final announcement. It is over... but she's not sure she's happy about it. She sighs.]

So this is it, I guess.

[Private to Lyle]
I know this may seem strange at the moment, Lyle... but can we do something together before we return home?

Back to Bird

[the sphere shows a bird sitting on the mirror in one of the suites]

This is rather a pain... of everything that could have happened...

Aug. 30th, 2009

[Anew is sitting on her bed, supposed talking to herself only the sphere has turned on so everyone can hear what she is saying]

It's just getting weirder... water turning to steam right out of tap... container of milk where the cheese or butter should be... This really can't be good.
[The sphere shows a ring neck dove sitting on the back of one of the chairs in one of the suites. The bird looks around curiously obviously not sure what has just happened.

Even though Anew has some issues with being a bird now, she's much happier to not look like Regene.]


Well... this is rather pleasant. Constantly seeing and hearing them is one thing, but to actually look like one of them is something else entirely...

[She sighs, rather disliking looking Regene.]

Though there are probably worse to look like...


[Anew sighs, sitting in her cabin listening to the voices playing out. She knows fully where the memory is from.]

Really, why must I go? There is already one of us there.

Even if he doesn't remember at the moment, the memories could be returned to him.

That is true.

And none of the others?

[Anew sighs again]

((OOC: Anew was remembering back before she was sent to Celestial Being))


[Anew is walking around the beach Enviro-dome. She's walking near the water and seems to be lost in thought. Of course everyone can see what she is thinking about. There's a thought bubble that shows Lyle's face. She sighs.]

How can a time loop be possible?
[Anew has resisted falling asleep long enough. Finally she has to succumb to its effects and she sleeps. For three hours, three minutes, and three seconds her dreams are plagued with nightmares. After that time has passed she awakes...]

Sorry, but this is long... with random appearances by G00 cast \o/Collapse )


[Anew has moved to a new floor since her room is now gone. She sighs sitting on the floor. She would be helping, but not sure what she can do to help against this. She mutters to herself.] Strange? This place is more like insane... lethal. I hope...others are okay. I hope Lyle is alright.


[After leaving her room, still very much confused as to where she is, Anew has ended up in the forest near a village. She looks around trying to figure what is going on with this place. This is very much not what she was expecting especially after the last thing she remembers from home. She continues to stand there and look around.]

What is this place? [looks around again] How did I get here...?